HEYCO Energy Group is owned by members of the Yates family of southeastern New Mexico, who have been active in the U.S. domestic upstream oil and gas business since the 1920s. Martin Yates, Jr. and his partners discovered the first commercial oil well on state lands in New Mexico in 1924. 

In 1969, pioneer oilman and wildcatter Harvey Yates founded Harvey E. Yates Company, the historic cornerstone of HEYCO Energy Group.

For several decades, HEYCO operated in the Permian Basin, specifically in the Delaware Basin, with lease positions in all of the headline horizontal plays such as in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Bone Springs Sand. HEYCO pioneered the Bone Springs as a conventional play in the 1980s.

In early 2015, HEYCO Energy Group’s subsidiary, Harvey E. Yates Company, was acquired by Matador Resources (MTDR) for an equity position in the company.


Delaware Basin Discovery

Mary Yates

Martin Yates, Jr. and partners drill the first commercial oil well on NM state land.


Founding of HEYCO

Martin’s eldest son, Harvey, forms the Harvey E. Yates Co.                                        


Delaware Basin Pioneer

HEYCO pioneers the Delaware Basin’s Bone Springs as a conventional play.         


Exploration in Europe

HEYCO expands to Europe under the leadership of Harvey’s son, George M. Yates.


UK Discovery

HEYCO is part of a group that discovers the Avington Field in southern England.     


Matador Acquisition in Permian Basin

Harvey E. Yates Co. is acquired by Matador Resources for cash and stock.                 


Spain Expansion

HEYCO buys into the Viura gas field in Northern Spain and becomes operator.                


UK Expansion

HEYCO acquires UK-based Egdon Resources and takes in private.