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  • Drilling & Production
  • Flow starts from Iraq’s Seeba gas field
    Production has started from Seeba natural gas field operated by Kuwait Energy Co. in the Basrah governate of southern Iraq.
  • Canada limits upstream releases of methane
    Oil and gas producers in Canada must control releases of methane from major facilities—and stop venting from hydraulically fractured wells—under new regulations from the federal government. The aim is to lower emissions of the greenhouse gas from...
  • Santos commissions Queensland Scotia project
    Santos Ltd., Adelaide, has commissioned and brought on stream its Scotia CF1 project in eastern Queensland. The project came in ahead of schedule and below budget with initial full field production exceeding 40 terajoules/day of natural gas.
  • American Petroleum Institute
  • Energy Year in Review
    Despite occasional policy obstacles, the U.S. energy revolution continues to enhance America’s economic and national security and deliver major benefits to consumers, the environment and manufacturers. With commonsense, market-based, consu...
  • Energy is All Around the Holidays
    Everywhere you go, whatever you do, energy – anchored by abundant U.S. oil and natural gas – is making life warmer, easier, healthier and more enjoyable. Let’s mark the holidays with a look at just a few of the gifts we enjoy, from the energy t...
  • New U.S. Energy Course Starts Offshore
    We need to change our course on energy – in offshore policy and other areas – to benefit American consumers, U.S. businesses, our economy and the country’s energy security. Given the fact it takes years to realize the benefits of of...

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