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  • Exploration
  • Trump signs executive order to begin reversing Obama OCS decisions
    US President Donald Trump signed an executive order that reverses his predecessor’s Arctic offshore oil and gas leasing ban and directs Interior Sec. Ryan Zinke to allow responsible development of other US offshore areas’ energy resources. Oil...
  • Pemex acquires seismic data for southern Gulf of Mexico
    Mexico’s Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) will study the Salina del Istmo province in the southern Gulf of Mexico in a multiclient 3D wide azimuth survey covering deep and shallow-water areas near the Cantarell and Ku-Maloob-Zaap reservoirs.
  • Senate Democrats introduce bill to preserve 2017-22 OCS program
    US Senate Democrats introduced a bill on Apr. 27 to preserve the 2017-22 Outer Continental Shelf oil and gas program a day before President Donald J. Trump was expected to issue an executive order for it to be reviewed, and a day after congressional ...
  • American Petroleum Institute
  • Energy Year in Review
    Despite occasional policy obstacles, the U.S. energy revolution continues to enhance America’s economic and national security and deliver major benefits to consumers, the environment and manufacturers. With commonsense, market-based, consu...
  • Energy is All Around the Holidays
    Everywhere you go, whatever you do, energy – anchored by abundant U.S. oil and natural gas – is making life warmer, easier, healthier and more enjoyable. Let’s mark the holidays with a look at just a few of the gifts we enjoy, from the energy t...
  • New U.S. Energy Course Starts Offshore
    We need to change our course on energy – in offshore policy and other areas – to benefit American consumers, U.S. businesses, our economy and the country’s energy security. Given the fact it takes years to realize the benefits of of...


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