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  • Exploration
  • ANP: Brazil to build on momentum from robust presalt bid round
    Brazil plans to use many approaches as it tries to maintain the momentum from its successful Oct. 27 presalt production-sharing bidding round that raised $1.9 billion in signing bonuses, the leader of its National Petroleum, Natural Gas, and Biofuels...
  • US Senate panel adopts Murkowski plan to lease ANWR to meet budget
    The US Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee adopted Chair Lisa Murkowski’s proposal to authorize oil and gas leasing on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge’s Coastal Plain for federal budget reconciliation purposes. The final 13-10 vote ...
  • More Omani blocks assigned on and offshore
    In conjunction with Tethys Oil Oman Ltd.’s Block 49 acquisition, Oman’s Ministry of Oil & Gas has signed agreements on two additional onshore blocks and one underexplored offshore block.
  • Drilling & Production
  • Baker Hughes: US rig count jumps another 8 units to 915
    The US rig count climbed again this week with an 8-unit jump to 915 rigs working during the week ended Nov. 17, data from Baker Hughes indicate. Rigs targeting natural gas in the US gained 8 units to reach 177 while those drilling for oil remained un...
  • Premier expects Catcher oil field to come on stream this year
    Premier Oil PLC expects to lower its $2.8-billion debt after Catcher oil field in the North Sea comes on stream in December, executives recently said. Premier reported third-quarter earnings included $2.8 billion of debt, but analysts say the London ...
  • Rosneft completes 15,000-m horizontal Sakhalin well
    Rosneft, a member of the Sakhalin-1 consortium, reported the completion of a 15,000-m horizontal well from Orlan platform in Chaivo field in the Sea of Okhotsk. It’s the world’s longest well, Rosneft said.
  • American Petroleum Institute
  • Energy Year in Review
    Despite occasional policy obstacles, the U.S. energy revolution continues to enhance America’s economic and national security and deliver major benefits to consumers, the environment and manufacturers. With commonsense, market-based, consu...
  • Energy is All Around the Holidays
    Everywhere you go, whatever you do, energy – anchored by abundant U.S. oil and natural gas – is making life warmer, easier, healthier and more enjoyable. Let’s mark the holidays with a look at just a few of the gifts we enjoy, from the energy t...
  • New U.S. Energy Course Starts Offshore
    We need to change our course on energy – in offshore policy and other areas – to benefit American consumers, U.S. businesses, our economy and the country’s energy security. Given the fact it takes years to realize the benefits of of...


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